You can be a better parent.

Uncover the secrets to calmer parenting and the truth behind bad behaviour. Learn how to be loving and kind without raising brats!


Better Parenting  Intensive

November 2022 (online)


If you are serious about being a better parent but also want it to be fun and engaging, this workshop is for you.  

Two payments of $197 CAD



From Dr. Saira and Faizan:

"Let's do this together. Change your story, change your life."

You are not the only one who finds parenting hard at times! Being a parent is a tough task, and you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, confused, and out of your depth. Let's do this together.

Watch this video for the inside scoop on our own parenting style.

Registration opens summer of 2022.

(Limited space available.)



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You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilling family life.
The Better Parenting Intensive is a game-changer.

Join us on a journey to the best YOU imaginable!


We're just regular parents learning right beside you.

We are parents too, and we have been there. Actually, we are still there! We have learned that the parents need to be a team for the family to feel peaceful and connected, and we want to show you how to stay aligned and honest with yourself and each other while you navigate the complexities of being a role-model, a partner, a co-parent, and (let's not forget!) just a regular human being.

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So poignant and real and also hopeful and uplifting (which I think sometimes is missing in this type of work). 

-Farrah R.


After attending one session, I was instantly hooked! I felt like I had known Dr. Saira my whole life! Even when I wasn't sure if the topic interested me, I ALWAYS felt better after attending.

- Taz R.


I have attended the weekly sessions regularly and I thank you for sharing your personal stories, creating a comfortable and safe space for us to learn from each other’s experiences. It helps me to know that I am not alone, that I can prioritize self-care without feeling guilty.

-Shellina D.

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Don’t wait! Take control of your parenting today. 

Get access to gold standard parenting tools, community support, and personalized coaching during this 3-day intensive.


Monday Musings


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Better Parenting Intensive

2 x $197 CAD

Learning, Sharing, and Support

  • Child development: simple, straightforward, practical
  • Bad behaviour in your child and what to do about it
  • How to correct past parenting mistakes NOW
  • How bonding and attachment impact trust and obedience
  • The top 5 parenting mistakes and how to fix them
  • Decode your child's language and cues
  • How your own childhood impacts your parenting beliefs and skills
  • How to co-parent when you have a challenging relationship with them

Add the other parent/step-parent to this workshop for only $47!


"You have reshaped my thought processes. I now have strategies and mechanisms in place. Through you, Dr. Saira, I am now more aware of myself. My goal is still to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. But now, because of you, I have a better idea of how to do it."

- Salima L.