Spiritual Roots, Modern Lives...

Cultivate Depth Without Losing Touch

2-Hour Workshop Packed with 6 Powerful Building Blocks

March 16, 2024
2pm - 4pm Pacific (5pm-7pm Eastern)

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We love science...

and then there is this spiritual world that is calling us

But mainstream science wasn’t lining up to our day-to-day spiritual downloads. We love meditating and feeling close to nature, talking about "The Universe" and all that cool stuff. But sometimes, what we hear about spirituality sounds too out there and doesn't really match what we see and feel in our everyday lives.

We really wanted to figure out our spiritual experiences in a way that felt right to both our thinking and our feelings. And it's super important to us that everyone feels welcome in our spiritual journey, no matter the traditions.

So what's the problem?

Maybe you assumed your spiritual journey is a strange adventure that's hard to explain. And if you talk about it too much, you worry people might start giving you funny looks, just like we did.

But why?

Think about it. It’s all about the groups! Either you call yourself a self-proclaimed something..."Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Bahaii, so many other names", and you spend your life making peace with the doctrines and regulations, or you join the other more "open" groups where everything goes and there are no clear answers to any of your questions.

You might have read books, listened to special lessons, joined in ceremonies, and tried to mix all you've learned. But we've looked into many lessons on this topic, trying to mix a bit of this and a bit of that to make something that makes sense. But we ended up with something too out-there and without rules, or way too strict with no room to grow.

We need another way

So the issue is not that we aren’t trying to develop our spiritual muscles. The issue is that we need a third way – not too tight, not too lose, but just right, and something that can evolve and grow with us as we move through the stages and phases of this physical life, because we know we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

If you are uncovering your spiritual life but don’t want to lose touch with the real world, and you know it’s time for a refresher on the basics, this workshop is for you.

We have to trust our deeper knowing

When we first met, we knew there was a deep and instant connection, a familiar feeling of "don’t I know you from somewhere?" We both knew there was probably a past life connection, but this isn’t something you talk to strangers about, so we let it be at first. As we got to know each other better, we were given signs and stories about the work we were meant to do together, and one of these assignments was to teach others what we know.

If you are uncovering your spiritual life but don’t want to lose touch with the real world, and you know it’s time for a refresher on the basics, this workshop is for you.

Disclaimer…..you might not be living in bliss every day after this workshop, but we would say the next best thing to it and the reason why is because we’ve made it easy as it could possibly be to get back on track when your spiritual search takes to the edge.

What Our Students Are Saying:

“This course was incredibly enlightening and full of "aha" moments. Most of the concepts brought forward were things I had never even considered before.”

Monique P. - Salmon Arm, BC

“This workshop was a treasure trove of knowledge and practical tools. Dr. Saira captivates the professional as well as the regular person who has a thirst for learning with her sincerity, passion, and practical presentation.”

Rashida S. - Vancouver, BC

Workshop Topics

  1. Communication: Hidden Meanings Of Words
  2. Grounding: Being In The "Real" World
  3. Spirituality vs Spiritual Reality: Heart-led Living
  4. Spiritual Bypass: Why You Can't Just Pray It Away
  5. Capacity: Growing Gracefully
  6. Accountability: Walking The Talk

This workshop is probably the most eye-opening 2 hours you will spend in your search for language around your own personal spiritual journey.

You will learn the six basic building blocks that are shared by spiritual seekers and be able to craft your spiritual journey and understanding in a way that makes sense to you and others.

On the other side of this training, your blind-spots and potential pitfalls will be clear to you and you will have the language and building blocks you need, instead of just avoiding the topic altogether. You will be able to self-correct when you are heading off track and realign to your own wisdom as you spiritually evolve.

As this is the very first time we are offering this as a blended workshop (both in person and online), we have dramatically reduced the price to only $47. Both in-person and online seats are limited, and we know we will sell out, so register right away to guarantee your seat.

This LIVE 2-hour workshop has limited capacity for in-person and online. The workshop will be recorded, and lifetime access to the materials are included in the registration fee.

$237 80% Discount


Your Instructors

Dr. Saira Sabzaali, PhD

Clinical Counsellor

Dr. Saira Sabzaali has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. She teaches Master’s students at Yorkville University and is a Clinical Supervisor that works with therapists new to the field.

She is the co-founder of Dragonfly Academy, an online learning community for people interested in personal growth and spiritual development.

She is also the Clinical Director of Dragonfly Wellness Centre, an inclusive and culturally-informed wellness hub based in Salmon Arm, BC that incorporates mind-body wellness with spiritual growth to facilitate integrated, outcome-driven, holistic transformation.

Dr. Saira is featured on Dragonfly Wellness TV on YouTube and has delivered two TEDx talks.

Texas Peck

Master Trainer

Texas Peck is a Master Trainer with Dragonfly Academy. He has accumulated over four decades of experience in the healing arts, and teaches people how to effortlessly re-set and realign while on the journey of spiritual awakening. Texas teaches how to articulate spiritual perspectives and provides practical, outcome-based techniques that are rooted in ancient wisdom teachings and stand the test of time.

Course curriculum

    1. Our Back Story

    2. Defining Spiritual Alignment

    3. Building Block 1 - Communication

    4. Building Block 2 - Grounding

    5. Building Block 3 - Spirituality vs Spiritual Reality

    6. Building Block 4 - Spiritual Bypass

    7. Building Block 5 - Capacity

    8. Building Block 6 - Accountability & Q/A

    9. Closing Thoughts

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    2. Building Your Meditation Audios

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content