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40-minute Workshop You Don't Want to Miss

January 24, 2024
12pm Eastern (9am Pacific)

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When I figured it out...

I'm Dr. Saira and I was thrilled to begin working with South Asian clients ... but they seemed distant and reluctant to open up.

I was ready to make a real difference, and it felt like I couldn't connect with anyone, and I couldn’t figure it out.

So I started making some small changes and noticed huge results.
Dr. Saira

But the system was broken

And to be honest, it isn't our fault. We are just doing what we have been trained to do...

but traditional therapy training isn't designed for South Asian clients.

Broken glass - Looking in a mirror

So I did something about it

I've created a short, specialized training that's a game-changer containing practical, tested tools around how to avoid harm and increase impact with these clients.

One of these tools is so important that I am actually giving it away ahead of time.

I am delivering a FREE 40-minute session to share one of the tools that will make an impact on how you show up for your South Asian clients.

Date: Wednesday January 24, 2024
Time: 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific)

Register now! We have limited capacity for this FREE Zoom session and we will lock down registration once we reach capacity.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock this critical tool.

It's Free - Will I Get Anything Out Of This?

In just 40 minutes, you will walk away with

  • One Powerful, Customized Tool to address childhood trauma without triggering resistance

  • A Road Map to avoid pitfalls, blindspots, and common misconceptions

  • Increased confidence to help a South Asian client in therapy while avoiding unintentional ruptures

The workshop is over, but you can still join us.....

Don't Miss Out