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LIVE on Zoom: March 1, 2024
12pm - 3pm Eastern (9am-12pm Pacific)

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until February 7, 2024


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Transpersonal Counselling for Curious Therapists

Pseudo-spirituality and pop-psychology are on the rise, and it’s impacting your clients. Are you prepared?

When it comes to exploring our spiritual landscape, traditional approaches in psychology and mental health fall short.

Many therapists feel nervous and ill-equipped when clients want to explore their religious beliefs, faith traditions, and spiritual paths.

Transpersonal Psychology was established over half a century ago, and was a response to the growing need for a deeper, more informed conversation about the evolution of human consciousness.

Most mental health professionals have woken up to the inter-connectivity of the mind and body, and many are starting to wonder about that third element of the human condition: the Spirit.

Without appropriate training in Transpersonal modalities and interventions, talking about this third thing with our clients can feel like we are fumbling in the dark, looking for an ever-moving light switch.

In this workshop, we will take an introductory look at the philosophy and approach of Transpersonal Psychology, including some of the risks and benefits, and provide tangible tools you can incorporate into your current practice. In the spirit of self-reflection, we will also explore our own biases and assumptions about human consciousness as therapists educated in the West. We will explore a simple model that will help us serve clients from a variety of spiritual and religious traditions, and gain confidence in navigating spiritual and existential conversations.

This LIVE 3-hour Continuing Education workshop is designed for new and seasoned therapists. The workshop will be recorded, and lifetime access to the recording and bonus materials are included in the registration fee.


until February 7, 2024


Course Curriculum

    1. Transpersonal Therapy for Curious Counsellors

    1. Transpersonal Psychology Info Sheet

    2. Balance Wheel

    3. Dark Night of the Soul and Spiritual Wounding

    1. Completion Quiz

About this course

  • 3 Hr Live via Zoom
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  • Lifetime Course Access

Continuing Education Credits

  • We are working with CCPA to approve this course for 3 CE Credits. More info to follow.

  • You will receive a certificate upon completion of the workshop.

By the end of this course, you will be better able to understand:

  • The origins and current state of the field of Transpersonal Psychology

  • The risks and benefits of a Transpersonal approach

  • How to incorporate Transpersonal tools and principles into your current practice

  • The impact of Spiritual Wounding on identity, belonging, and interpersonal relationships

  • Identifying and navigating counter-transference

Workshop Topics

  • Positioning Transpersonal Psychology
  • Culturally sensitive language
  • Risks and benefits
  • The Balance Wheel
  • Spiritual Wounding
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Self-Exploration and Counter-Transference
  • Transpersonal Tools


Dr. Saira Sabzaali, PhD

Clinical Counsellor

Dr. Saira Sabzaali has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. She teaches Master’s students at Yorkville University and is a Clinical Supervisor that works with therapists new to the field.

She co-founded Dragonfly Academy, an online learning community for people interested in personal growth and spiritual development.

She is also the Clinical Director of Dragonfly Wellness Centre, an inclusive and culturally-informed wellness hub based in Salmon Arm, BC that incorporates mind-body wellness with spiritual growth to facilitate integrated, outcome-driven, holistic transformation.

Dr. Saira is featured on the Dragonfly Wellness TV YouTube Channel, and has delivered two TEDx talks.